About THLC

The Texas Health Leadership Council (THLC) was established in 2015 by the Texas Business Group on Health (TBGH), a statewide coalition of Texas employers committed to obtaining high-quality, cost-effective, accountable healthcare.

THLC brings together Texas employers, health plans, healthcare providers, industry thought leaders, and subject experts for in-depth discussions of key healthcare issues important to employers and their employees.

THLC members examine selected healthcare issues, share diverse perspectives, cross-pollinate ideas, and explore practical, real-world solutions that support employers' health benefits strategies. The unique industry perspectives and organizational interests of diverse participants will enrich the discussions and broaden the understanding of all interested parties.

THLC Leadership and Influence

TBGH will use THLC discussions and actionable ideas to inform and guide Texas employers' benefits strategies and influence other healthcare stakeholders, policymakers, and legislators to advance accountable, value-driven healthcare accross the state.

THLC Participation

Participation in THLC is open to individuals and organizations in all sectors of the healthcare industry, including employers, health plans, healthcare systems, physician groups, pharmaceutical companies, wellness services, benefits consultants, professional and trade associations, policymakers, legislators, and educators.

For information on how to participate, contact TBGH at info@tbgh.org or call (214) 382-3037.